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real indiana

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Halloween Horror-Burlesque! [27 Sep 2011|07:40pm]

Bloomington Burlesque Brigade Presents: a chilling thrilling scream filled night of "Halloween Horror-Burlesque!"

October 29th 2011
Jake's Nightclub & Bar
419 N. Walnut St.
Bloomington, IN

Doors 9:00pm
Shows 10pm & 12am -Two Unique Sets

Tickets Sold at Jake's Nightclub, by B3 Performers & Verbal Terrorism Productions
Ticket Prices:
Pre-Sale $7
Day Of with Costume $10
Day Of without Costume $12

Jada B. The Emcee & The Burly-Q Battalion!
Violet Phoenix, Kutie Kitai, Mal Nevolante, Vixen Vajazzle, Luscious Velvet, Scarlett Nopantson,Tessa von Twinkle, Sugar Lee, Vivian Lashes, Bombshell LaBelle

Also Starring B3's Student Brigade -2 Cherry Mary, Mercy Merlot, Tea Just Tea, Rose Hipps, Lemondrop Lamont, Dominique de Beauté

Vaudevillian Acts:
Rembrandt & McGillicutty

Plus Musical Acts:
The Burly-Q Band -Lead by Nick Romy
DJ Fetha (from Indy!)
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Indiana Potholes [20 Sep 2011|08:16am]

After only three hours sleep, I’m off to do some barefoot hiking.  Unfortunately I left too early.  The darkness hides everything except the asphalt of I-74.  I want to see as much of Indiana as possible with my limited time, so I exit at Brownsburg to stall while the earth rotates.   I zig-zag through town on this very quiet, drizzly Sunday morning.  Parking lots are empty and neon signs turned off.  When the sun comes up twenty minutes later it creates a rainbow; the pot of gold seems to be exactly where I’m headed – Falls Creek Gorge near Attica, sixty five miles west.
For thousands of years, Falls Creek has been flowing over sandstone in the hills outside Attica.  Eddying has formed depressions known as potholes in the creek bed.   This unique geologic feature is now a protected preserve governed by the Nature Conservancy.   Getting to the potholes though, takes some risk.  Falls Creek runs just ankle deep as it skims over the smooth and slippery rock of the creek bed canyon.  To see the best potholes, your only choice is to kick off your shoes and wander upstream.  
As I’m capturing images of the potholes with feet submerged, it hits me that no one knows my whereabouts.   Uncharacteristically, I forgot to leave details with anyone.  I’m eighty miles from my hotel room and all alone.   My cell phone has no bars.  My next appointment is not for another ten hours.  If I turn up missing, it’ll be a long time before they find my rental car in the woods of western Indiana.  Ah, but these are the risks, even when unintentional, that spice up life.
I guess I could have stayed close to my Indianapolis hotel today and taken in a museum.   And left my shoes on.  But nature was calling.  Barefoot hiking to the potholes, alone in the woods of western Indiana, made for a pretty spicy day, and I’m glad I took the risk.

See More Here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/KoppenhaverOutdoors?feature=mhee#p/u/0/fFoHPFOVMyA

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4th Annual Indiana Browncoat Bash in Bloomington [07 Sep 2011|10:24am]

On Saturday, Sept 17th, there will be another Bash in Bloomington! I've been to the last 3 & they are FUN!! It's free to attend, but there is swag for sale. Funds go to Middleway Houe in Bloomington, which is a shelter for battered women & children.

More details at
http://wildandbad.com/backwoodsbash or http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=180214548676812

If you come, please consider bringing a food item. We do a pitch-in picnic while watching DVDs, socializing, etc. :)
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Shout out to Sullivan, Indiana [22 May 2008|08:46pm]

 I am going to Sullivan, Indiana this summer because after I did my family tree, I found out that I am related to just about every pioneer family that lived there in the 1800s.
Some of the surnames are: Drake, Pound, Mcgrew, Benefield, Bailey, Brewer, Griffith, Curry, Liston, Stark, McKinney,Kirkham, Maxwell, Creager, Waggoner, McCoy,Kester,Marts, McClain, and a few others.

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Shindig/FF Marathon in Bloomington! [07 Jan 2008|10:05am]

Sci/Fi will be showing a Firefly Marathon on Monday, Feb 18th (Presidents Day).

Opie Taylor's, a local Eatery and Watering Hole in Bloomington, IN has tenatively agreed to Air the Marathon on their Big Screen TV... ALL DAY!

Assuming the weather isn't bad, I think I'm going! (I may grab a bunch of friends to take too!)
Hope to see you there!
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hello! *waves enthusiastically* [30 Jul 2007|03:46pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey all! I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself and do my part to increase activity in the community. :)

My name's Marcy. I'm in Fort Wayne, and have lived here all my life, unless you count the four years I spent attending Butler University, in Indianapolis. I majored in journalism and Spanish, and just graduated this past May. I'm currently unemployed, although friends keep reassuring me that most college graduates take about six months to land a job, so I'm really not doing too terribly bad yet. So, as far as job hunting goes, I'm on the prowl. Hobbies, interests, et cetera, include music, writing, reading, mostly typical and normal things even if I wouldn't classify myself as either typical or normal (not that it's a negative thing). As for why I've joined the community, well, I love meeting new people, so anyone who wants to is welcome to check out my journal, friend it, whatever -- but it's also nice to be aware of what's going on in the state, and since I'm sadly more likely to check my Livejournal before I hit the online news sites ... 'nuff said. :)

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brandi carlile @ the music mill [15 May 2007|07:13pm]

went to the Music Mill last night to check out Washington rocker Brandi Carlile.  She seems like a high charged, genuine person on stage.  Her acoustic stuff is good, but when she and her band all plug in...wow.   We'd never really listened to any of her work before but  knew we'd get along nicely that night when they covered the Beatles "I've Just Seen a Face".  Her vocal distortions are a nice touch. I know her bio talks about growing up on country and elton john in the hills of Washington, but I can tell she was a grunge kid at some point.  All the smart ones are!
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Newbie! [13 May 2007|12:15am]

Hey All,

Just starting some grad work at IU and I want to find some diversions online!  Look forward to readin and writing with y'all.

I just started online with live journal today but my sister has been on for a few months.  any tips would be appreciated!

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mike pence, bad for indiana tourism [21 Apr 2007|08:31pm]


that ought to be on a t-shirt....


now, that's "real indiana"...what a jerk.

BTW, hello all.  first time reader, first time poster.

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Connos Memse [20 Apr 2007|10:40pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

My name is Connos Memse.  I am a student at MIT (Massachusetts Interdimensional Travel). I am majoring in interdimensional politics, and for my senior year, I am here to study the politics of America in this dimension.
My dimension is very similar to this one, we have the same TV shows, the same countries, even the same food. America's still America, we've got all of the same freedoms. Things are just a little different, enough to be worth taking a look at what could have gone differently back home to make it more like this place, or what could have gone differently to make here more like home.

I'm withholding judgment on whether here or home is the more politically sound America.

Or, more specifically, this is a political satire journal with a definite liberal slant, written by a professional activist from right here in Indianapolis, IN.  Please come check it out, I've got two entries already posted, and will be updating regularly.  At the moment, with current events, the issues are more national, but as things happen with the Indiana General Assembly coming to a close, believe me, I'll have pleeeeenty of material for local satire as well.

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JOIN US! [22 Mar 2007|06:18pm]

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is next under the knife of anti-smoking legislation. 

City ordinance voted and passed will go into effectJune 1. 

16 states have already passed a comprehensive smoking ban and it's slaughtering their bars and stripclubs. http://www.smokersclub.com/banloss3.htm 

Fort Wayne could be next.

 Ask the City Council of Fort Wayne to exclude places of business where patrons must be 21 or older to enter from their ban. 

Write The City Council Research Assistant at:
One Main Street
Room 290
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802 

Fax:  260.427.2979

Suggested text:

I support Fort Wayne's nightlife. Exempt bars and clubs from the smoking ban!
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Upcoming Evansville events [15 Mar 2007|01:57pm]

Well, the subject line is pretty self-explanatory. There are some nifty women's-issue related things going on in Evansville this month, and I'd like to pass on the word!

First, there is an event planned for March 20 on USI campus to rally for the prevention of violence against women. In the past, USI has participated in "Take Back the Night" with Albion Fellows Bacon Center, but this year they're hosting an earlier event, with intent to get men more involved, so the march is titled "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes." Guys have the option of doing the walk in flowered flip-flops, with a few pairs of high heels available (only a few because men's sizes in heels are expensive). And yes, of course, women can go too.

I think it's an admirable effort. It's hard to get men involved in this kind of march, because apparently a man showing compassion toward the violence-against-women issue is fodder for teasing. Sad world this is. I'm happy about this event, though. Hopefully there'll be a decent turnout.

Registration starts at 5, under the University Center bridge. The march begins at 5:30. Contact event coordinator Stephanie Walden-Schwake at 812-461-5269 for more info.

I'll keep my ears open for this year's "Take Back the Night" rally, too. I hope that, since apparently USI's not involved this year, they still have a venue for the rally.

After the march, anti-sexist activist Jason Katz will speak in Carter Hall (on the second floor of the University Center) at 7 p.m. He's also leading a workshop in Carter Hall from 1-4 p.m. titled "More than a Few Good Men: Strategies for Inspiring Men and Boys to be Allies in Gender Violence Prevention."

You bet your boots I'll be there for the march and the speech. Can't go to the entire workshop because of classes, but if you're in or near Evansville, I highly encourage you to stop by for these events.

And finally, Planned Parenthood of Indiana is having a free EC day! That's right, a dose of emergency contraception that usually sells for around $45 is going to be FREE on April 3. The Evansville center is on Weinbach, close to UE. I'm willing to offer rides to anyone in the USI area who wants to take advantage of this awesome offer, but doesn't have transportation to the East Side.
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[06 Jan 2007|04:23am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

i'm a newly single girl (after 2.5 years!) :[
are there any places to meet people? any sort of singles bars or .. i dont know.. something?

==x-posted to southbend==

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Anyone like Serenity/Firefly? [11 Nov 2006|11:31pm]

I've got a new comm called browncoats_ind. If you're already a fan, you probably already know what it's for. If you're curious about the movie Serenity or the TV show Firefly & living in (or near) Indiana, you might wanna join to have a chance to check it out with other people.

Feel free (& welcomed!) to spread the word. If you're a Vigo County Browncoat or just curious about the show or movie, feel welcomed to friend me too. :)

x-posted like woah. (sorry)
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Warsaw? [31 Oct 2006|08:14am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Are there any LJ communities specifically for Warsaw, or maybe Fort Wayne or South Bend? Thanks!

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New Member [26 Oct 2006|03:49pm]

Hi, just joined. Actually in Atlanta right now, but grew up in Warsaw. Looking to get back in touch with the area.
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[15 Oct 2006|08:59am]

i live in elkhart and i'm looking for an apartment in mishawaka. i would be living with a roommate, so we would need at least 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. a washer and dryer would be nice, but are not necessary.
anyone have recommendations for a nice apartment?

also, how is the cingular service in the south bend/mishawaka area?

thank you! =)

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[12 Sep 2006|07:58pm]

hi! i just joined..

name: britany
age: 22 (23 soon bitches!)
marital status: single
part of IN: elkhart
time in indiana: foreverrrrrr
occupation: part time student at IUSB, work full time
major: informatics
here for: keeping up on events, possibly meeting people, just whatever
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Meeting [14 Jun 2006|04:18pm]

The Porter County Young Republicans will be having their first Membership Call out meeting of the summer tomorrow, June 15th at the Valparaiso Public Library from 7:00- 8:30 pm.

Members must be between the ages of 18 and 40 and full time residents of Porter County.

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at katyhoagland@gmail.com
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[01 Jun 2006|12:35pm]

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