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Upcoming Evansville events

Well, the subject line is pretty self-explanatory. There are some nifty women's-issue related things going on in Evansville this month, and I'd like to pass on the word!

First, there is an event planned for March 20 on USI campus to rally for the prevention of violence against women. In the past, USI has participated in "Take Back the Night" with Albion Fellows Bacon Center, but this year they're hosting an earlier event, with intent to get men more involved, so the march is titled "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes." Guys have the option of doing the walk in flowered flip-flops, with a few pairs of high heels available (only a few because men's sizes in heels are expensive). And yes, of course, women can go too.

I think it's an admirable effort. It's hard to get men involved in this kind of march, because apparently a man showing compassion toward the violence-against-women issue is fodder for teasing. Sad world this is. I'm happy about this event, though. Hopefully there'll be a decent turnout.

Registration starts at 5, under the University Center bridge. The march begins at 5:30. Contact event coordinator Stephanie Walden-Schwake at 812-461-5269 for more info.

I'll keep my ears open for this year's "Take Back the Night" rally, too. I hope that, since apparently USI's not involved this year, they still have a venue for the rally.

After the march, anti-sexist activist Jason Katz will speak in Carter Hall (on the second floor of the University Center) at 7 p.m. He's also leading a workshop in Carter Hall from 1-4 p.m. titled "More than a Few Good Men: Strategies for Inspiring Men and Boys to be Allies in Gender Violence Prevention."

You bet your boots I'll be there for the march and the speech. Can't go to the entire workshop because of classes, but if you're in or near Evansville, I highly encourage you to stop by for these events.

And finally, Planned Parenthood of Indiana is having a free EC day! That's right, a dose of emergency contraception that usually sells for around $45 is going to be FREE on April 3. The Evansville center is on Weinbach, close to UE. I'm willing to offer rides to anyone in the USI area who wants to take advantage of this awesome offer, but doesn't have transportation to the East Side.
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