Marcy (sonadora9) wrote in real_indiana,

hello! *waves enthusiastically*

Hey all! I'm new to the community, so I thought I'd introduce myself and do my part to increase activity in the community. :)

My name's Marcy. I'm in Fort Wayne, and have lived here all my life, unless you count the four years I spent attending Butler University, in Indianapolis. I majored in journalism and Spanish, and just graduated this past May. I'm currently unemployed, although friends keep reassuring me that most college graduates take about six months to land a job, so I'm really not doing too terribly bad yet. So, as far as job hunting goes, I'm on the prowl. Hobbies, interests, et cetera, include music, writing, reading, mostly typical and normal things even if I wouldn't classify myself as either typical or normal (not that it's a negative thing). As for why I've joined the community, well, I love meeting new people, so anyone who wants to is welcome to check out my journal, friend it, whatever -- but it's also nice to be aware of what's going on in the state, and since I'm sadly more likely to check my Livejournal before I hit the online news sites ... 'nuff said. :)
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